Sustainability | Alpine Valley Cottages

At Alpine Valley Cottages we are committed to environmental sustainability and supporting our local community. Our personal philosophy is to save energy and water, reduce waste and support local businesses whenever possible. We do these things because we are passionate about them, not as a marketing ploy or because we have to do this.

We have implemented some simple changes to your standard run-of-the-mill holiday accommodation and will continue to make changes as the need arises. We believe that over the course of time these changes will make a difference to the environmental and economic viability of our community without sacrificing luxury, comfort or cleanliness – and without you even having to think about it!

When you stay at Alpine Valley Cottages you can rest assured that:

• No harmful chemicals (containing phosphates, chlorine, or phthalates) have been used for cleaning the shower, toilet or kitchen.
• We choose socially and environmentally responsible products whenever possible – Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, Sukin shampoo and conditioner, Dindi Naturals soap and Fair Trade coffee and sugar.
• We limit our single use plastic consumption and use compostable garbage bags in the kitchen.
• We use Powershop renewable energy for your electricity use.
• We have installed an electric hot water heat pump system – one of the most efficient ways to heat water in this climate.
• Most light fittings now have LED globes.
• Water tanks on site use rainwater for toilets, and water saving showerheads are installed.

By staying with us you have supported many local businesses and contributed to the wellbeing and economic viability of our beautiful little town.